Marlene Stencil

Nicola Djurek has extended his wonderful Marlene with Stencil styles, which offer 4 alternate swashes per glyph. He's crazy.

Capitolium, Coranto and Pollen

Finally, the magnificent Gerard Unger typefaces can be bought at typetogether or MyFonts. Developed especially as newspaper headlines faces or signage type, they are both very space-saving and have excellent display qualities at the same time. Now if he only would release Gulliver as well ;)

Pollen is a very nice, playful, soft serif by the Brazilian designer Eduardo Berliner

Kieler Woche posters

Kieler Woche is a sailing cup in Germany, and the best thing about it, they ask renowned designers to create new identity every year. Some of the highlights from over 60 years of nice poster design can be found on the homepage (Click Übersicht der eingerichten Entwürfe to see the runner-ups, well worth it)

And here's an overview of winning designs

Of course there's a book on Amazon about it too, only 5 copies left, so hurry up

^ My favourite posters