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Schwarzenegger type

Words can not describe just how awesome this is: every character is taken from Pumping Iron! Check out other great works by Elena Schneider

Viva rebrand

The German music channel VIVA overhauled its visual identity (see everything about it on DesignMadeInGermany) and to me it looks pretty awesome. The hipsters will wet their pants on it (ZOMG, triangles! black! topless chick in the background!) but it's really well-crafted. What interests me most of course is the typeface, and show logos developed by Mario Lombardo. Like everything this studio does with type, it has a whimsical, even amateurish feel to it, and that's exactly what allows it to stand out.

Some people suggested to let a professional type designer (as if those guys had no humour) do the type, or take an established typeface like Futura or AG. What in God's name would be the sense in that? Just how many corporations, magazines, or web sites use them? This font complements the new edgy look really well and because it's so weird it's instantly recognizable. I think it's great.

Espinosa Nova

Amazing stuff from Cristóbal Henestrosa and the Regular cut is free!