Turning Pages, a must-have book

One of my Christmas presents was this wonderful book, and I really wasn't able to put it away. This is probably the most comprehensive overview of the contemporary editorial design, really loads of content but you never have a feeling to read filler pages, rather that they would've squeezed in much more pages if they could.

The first part is divided in 9 chapters which touch the basic points of editorial design as a whole. But it's not like a tutorial book, do this, do that, it's much more like a conversation with a designer friend (who happens to be a cutting-edge editorial designer ;) about the current movements and where they come from. Straight to the point project descriptions, but never too short. Doesn't hurt that the book itself is beautifully designed, a very well-thought out grid and typeface choice (first time that I see Kai Bernau's Lyon in action, it will be my next purchase for sure). If this book won't inspire you to start a magazine, nothing else will.

Another great thing about it, every project has a listing of used typefaces, they really know how to get into a type geek's heart :)

It's only $49 on Amazon. Get it and be inspired.

Images don't do it justice, it really looks much much better in your hands.

The typography of Jean-Luc Godard

Head over to The Movie Stills Collection, great stuff not only on Godard

P.S. Don't forget to get the free font inspired by Godard's (?) lettering: Atelier Carvalho Bernau (of Neutral, Lyon fame) made a  birthday gift for everyone 

Typotheque Specimen

Found that in the mail today. Seems to be out of stock now at Typotheque though.

Satura Suite

A new font from Fountain! Pretty cool concept, the groovy cut is the modified regular design.

A great app for (editorial) typophiles

Extra! Extra! is an app which shows you the front pages of newspapers around the world. I've been playing with it for hours today already, doesn't get old. Of course the informational part is less interesting to me (how much info can you get from a front page anyway? How much info is recycled across all newspapers?), but it is THE app to drool over the fonts, since it offers true high resolution (PDF?) front pages, updated daily. Not to mention that you get a glance at the layouts without having to go out to the next international news stand. It is a pleasure to use on the iPhone 4, I'm sure it's even better on the iPad.

Some screenshots (yeah, I'm a sucker for anything Christian Schwartz and Cyrus Highsmith)

USA World Cup bid

Speaking of WC bids, USA has a crappy logo for sure, but the display type is excellent. When making modular type like this one, Pentagram could have easily gotten away with over-analized symmetry, but it is the irregular touch (A, M, N) that makes it so playful. Great work.

Also notice how the web version is less complex than the print version: clever and functional.

 The rest of the bids' identities are pretty underwhelming judging from the Wikipedia page. Qatar has a nice symbol, but bad typography.

England World Cup 2018 bid logo

I think it's great, too bad the bid logos are almost always better than the ones for the actual event. Good luck, England!