Tanger Serif

Finally, Tanger Serif is available though MyFonts! I've been a fan of this family for a long time, 3 widths, 16 styles each will accomplish any typographical task (has its price though). Also see the other faces from the new Typolar foundry, great stuff.


Kade from Re-Type is based on harbour lettering. May look ugly at first glance, but you will learn to love finely balanced no-nonsense roundness and whimsical cuts. Anything that has to do with honest manufacturing: Kade is your typeface.

Mafra Display

DSType has been releasing excellent stuff lately (Apud, Finura, Velino are all outstanding), but it is Mafra Display that really knocks me off. Buy it, buy it now, $26 for a style is such a steal

Runda released

Mark Caneso of p.s.type has just released a new 10 style family, Runda. Although it looks very different from the initial designs, which were soft and, well, rounded, it is a great take on a classic grotesue.