Font of April 30th: FP Dancer

FP Dancer designed by Morten Olsen, who also did FF Max and FF Olsen

Font of April 29th: Parry Grotesque

Parry Grotesque is a feature-rich (even an upper-case @!) sans with a warm feel. And there's also Parry, a seriffed sister. And did I mention that OurType's type tester is one of the coolest ever?

Type illustrations with Robotype

At Robotype you can experiment with type by scaling and rotating glyphs of 4 different fonts, and show your results in the gallery, there are tons of cool, inspiring stuff there!

Ork Posters: city type

Ork Posters offers posters (duh) and screen prints of Manhattan, Chicago, San Francisco, Brooklyn and Boston, set in big beautiful type (yes, it is DIN). The price is affordable: $20-27, so go buy it!

Font of April 27th: Parker-Barrow

Slab & Sans, Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Parker & Barrow :) FontFarm also made excellent text face Jenny and the technoid sans Kofi, the others are worth checking as well!


Font of April 26th: Documenta

DTL typefaces, are famous for their quality and Documenta by Frank E. Blokland is no exception. They do have an odd-looking site though.

The difficult font game

I wanted to wait till Kari Pätilä would make the font game a bit more difficult, and now it is harder indeed. Try it out!

Another fun font game I found is the typetest. You actually can type any characters, but the downside is that the game was done by russian programmers, hence some of the fonts have different name/are not well-known outside of Russia. Still good.

Typetogether releases Athelas

Athelas looks like a great text face, designed by José Scaglione (with help from Veronika they say).
Very clear, very legible, with all the contemporary OpenType features: small caps, (a lot of) discretionary ligatures, old style figures, tabular figures, symbols & math symbols, pleasant italics, support for 40 latin languages, you name it!

Ordering details & specimen at Typetogether.

Oh, and if you hurry up, you'll get their Cora Basic for free, just fill in this form. Limited time only!

Font of April 25th: Bodoni Egyptian

I love this delicate slab serif, especially the thin wights. Buy at Shinntype


Cinematic type: Hostage opening titles

Very graphic, very dark, too bad that was the best part of the movie.

Font of April 24th: Ruse

Ruse is an extensive family including 154 fonts in total! Buy it at TEFF (watch your wallet though, but TEFF quality is worth it)


Free: Gentium

Some of you have heard of Gentium, an Open Source (well kind of) project by Victor Gaultney. Now Gentium Basic is complete and ready for download.

New Emigre release: Vista Slab

Slab faces are in. Xavier Dupré's Vista Sans is also in. Do I need to continue? :)
Infos, specimen and pricing details at Emigre

Font of April 23rd: Soho Gothic

I had that "wow" feeling while working with Seb Lester's Soho, a versatile slab serif family, and Soho Gothic is the perfect match. Also cool: his Neo Sans (+Tech) and Scene.


And here's something I've scanned from an old street map, although I don't really think Raymond Loewy designed the logo that way :)

Font of April 22nd: Hardys

Although Kris Sowersby's (Meta Serif collaboration, TDC2 2008 for National) Hardys is not available for licensing till 2011, it's still a great face worth to look at and learn.

Words for your Mac

A cool screensaver, which shows time & date in words, by Simon Heys. His PostScript thingy is fun too :)

Font of April 21st: Kettler

Get it at Process. Other great fonts: Klavika, Stratum, Bryant and of course I love Maple Black ;)

Cool Fontstructions

Fontstruct proves to be a cool, versatile and free tool that already has some very nice (free) fonts:

And one from Nicetype:

The Spirit type poster

On the side note: Directed by Frank Miller? Can't wait to watch it!

Font of April 16th: Helserif

Ever wanted a pefect seriffed match to Helvetica? Here you go: Helvetica Serif Helserif available at URW++

Font of April 11th: Lola

Lola comes with 5 weights (plus beautiful italics), huge language support, and a feminine touch. But everything feminine has downsides: starting at £60 per weight, Lola likes the rich guys with fast cars.
The other work by Fontsmith is well worth checking, they also make a lot of custom type, the new Xerox font for example.

Font of April 10th: Grotzec

Grotzec comes in 5 weights, and you can either get them all for 110 €, or single weights at 30 €
each. Other great fonts by Mario Feliciano: Flama, Merlo, Morgan


Metalista is a modular blackletter, and Tomáš Brousil gives it away for free! Dont forget to check out other fonts by Suitcase, some real gems await you there.

Font of April 9th: Urbana

Urbana by César Puertas is a very nice display face, soft and friendly. 5 styles, starting at $24. His script font Bolívar is also great!

Font of April 7th: CR2

CR2 is a nice display font by Flat-it, a japanese type foundry with many topsellers, for example Nothing, Ohana and Wearetrippin. And it's not pricey at all: most fonts cost $19 which is a great bargain ;)

A happy day for German type?

For years German type designers (and designers in general) led debates if they needed a capital eszett (lowercase eszett: ß, sometimes called "German B" too). The background was the unclear use of ß in an all-caps word, a name for example. Seeing a lowercase letter in an all-caps word is weird, so it's also been substituted by an SS, but in a name an ß isn't equal to SS.
Then some type designers started making their own versions of capital eszett, and the others responded that historically such a glyph never existed, since ß is an ss ligature and it still looks weird (which I think it does).
And now it's official: Unicode 5.1 contains the "capital sharp s" with the number U+1E9E. Yay!

Graublau: a free web font gives you a font for newly introduced web embedding in Safari 3.1 (and some other browsers using WebKit): Graublau Web in 2 weights. Download it, play with it, don't forget that Firefox and IE users won't see anything :)

Font of April 6th: Eason

Eason is a (yet another) take on Jenson's roman and is great for long copy, but also looks interesting in headline sizes, excellent for magazine use. The italics are also suited for setting long texts, because they aren't too slanted. Get it at Fountain!

Logodesign at its best: BP

This category is devoted to the logos which make our designer heart beat faster. They should speak for themselves, so there will be no comment from the blog author. Reader's comments are welcome though.

Typography of sound

Copy says "Panasonic DVD Theater. The sound of movies has never been so sophisticated."
By Fischer America, Brazil

Font of April 5th: Scout

Scout by FontBureau's Cyrus Highsmith was actually designed for Entertainment Weekly. And now we have a typeface which is cooler than FF DIN, fresher than Trade Gothic, and not as strange (sometimes) as ITC Conduit.

And of course FB doesn't just offer a font, they offer a lot (24) of styles starting at $40 which is reasonable.